The floor made a creaking sound. I like this place, it is strangely mine with all its odd noises. Jewelry disappeared and reappeared in odd places. So I have started leaving honey jars open – I was told that how you befriend house ghosts.

“I am renovating my apartment so I am going to move in with you! It will be great”

I made a creaking sound.


It is easy to run away when you have the world to run to. The oyster I pry open with will power and fear to be left out.  Guilt planted somewhere deep and a long time ago is like a steam train pushing me forward. Forward and always on the tracks. With burning pile of metal threatening to kill me on my heels.

While I am hiding my ghost friend is playing tricks on her.

“Were you home?”

“No, I am hiding in the oyster miles away”

“Your boots are in the hallway, just in the middle of the room..”

All those honey jars were kept in warm memory I see.

Drip drip drip one open lid at a time.

When that sweetness gets out, it sticks to you and the propolis heals you. From the inside with a soothing touch.

You appear in odd places. Your heels no longer on fire. You put the running boots down. Right in the middle of your space.

Stand just a bit taller and your ghost a bit smaller.


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