Über year 4, Elza before Frozen and magical gardens


Welcome back to the story of my life, told one blog post at a time. I am writing a story for each year of my life. I started with my birth and am working my way forward.

Elza before Frozen – Aunt Elza

I had my very own Elza before even Frozen existed – our nanny Aunt Elza. She lived on the floor above us and would watch us when our parents were at work. She had thin grey hair and soft, very wrinkly skin. She had a belly without looking round. There was something strong about here, her limbs seemed to have worked all her life. She had a number of animals that we got to, much to my enjoyment, spend time with during our days together.

I remember opening my eyes in the morning and she would be sitting by my bed and patiently waiting for me to wake up. After that, we would go to her chickens. They were kept in sort of a community barn were multiple families had their animals. Coworking space before the coworking space.

We were always accompanied by her mix breed dog. I think his name was Riko or Ringo. Of course, he would never wear a leash, he would just run circles around us while I took my little kid steps on our way to the barn.

Aunt Elza also had a goat which we would take to the field across from our house. On that field was my most favorite thing that Aunt Elza had under her governance – a wild garden.

It was a quite odd garden because it was sitting in the middle of the field with no house attached to it but a fence around it. It was filled with trees and tall flowers it was like being in a secret jungle. When I was would run through it I wouldn’t see any end to it. I got to be in a magical place and Aunt Elza would sit nearby on an old stool or upright log and watch me play and see to the goat from time to time.

There is a picture of me with that goat and the garden I solemnly swear to find when I will be home and add here. For now, I offer an emotional representation how I felt standing in the garden.

I am yet to have a better meal

We also had a garden of our own which had a greenhouse, potato field and rows of different vegetables. I was born after the Soviet Union had fallen but there was still either not enough money to buy certain produce or it was just not available at all in stores. Even more importantly it was and to some extent still is required for the sanity of any Latvian to grow something.

We would have all sorts of vegetables and berries. My favorites were the yellow plum tomatoes, black currant berries, and the sugar snap peas. I would spend the sunny days plucking everything directly from the bush or wine and eating it right there – I am yet to have a better meal.

Next, to the garden, a little creek was flowing which was used to water the vegetables. It had high shores and my mother would climb down to it with the water can. Once she lost grip of it and it started flowing downstream. Somehow it was my brother’s fault but I don’t remember how.

I am glad I get to play a little bit more in the sunny memories of early childhood

Now that I have been so actively reflecting for the last couple of weeks more and more flashbacks keep flooding my brain. Usually, I would let the little blobs of memory just pass by without paying them an further attention. The intention of writing them down changes their meaning and value. Patterns are revealed to me that lived hidden for a long time and realizations I hadn’t hoped for manifest.

I am becoming strangely grateful to this little exercises.

I skip in my mind a few years ahead and am filled with dread. The teenage angst, the idiotic boyfriend are all there to be revisited.

I am glad I get to play a little bit more in the sunny memories of early childhood.


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