über year 2 and what I have learned this far

This is the third entry in the series of stories about my life. You can read the previous here and here. I write about the bits and pieces I remember or know from my family. During the writing process, I am trying to figure out more about my current self and growing up in general….

über my first year, my parents and knowing nothing

This is the second entry in my series of stories about every year of my life. I don’t yet have to start feeling bad about my bad memory because there are no existing memories in my head about the first year of my life. Likely no one has memories of that time of their lives….

über Midsummer and my birth

I will write a story for each of the years of my life starting with my birth – this is the first entry. I happen to have an incredibly bad memory about any details of my own life. I never quite figured out if it was denial, a neural defect or disinterest. The purpose is…

über A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Let us talk about  A Little Life by Hanaya Yanagihara and why I think you will become a better person reading it. It is a beautiful example of how art brings us closer together by showing us the world through someone else’s eyes. The story takes us through the life and struggles of 4 men…