über 3 things for an easier life


Take these 3 things on the road with you. Keep them as little trinkets to cheer you up and comfort you for the journey ahead, during rough days and bad moods. Especially hold them close in times of fear and doubt for what lies ahead.

You might think that what will follow is nothing particularly motivating or uplifting. In a moment of rebellion, you might even say grim or pessimistic.

But I must ask you to trust and believe me that quite the opposite is the case. These are meant to be tools to help you focus on what matters in life and creativity.

1.This too will pass

This realisation helps to gain some perspective. Very few things come easy, but even fewer things stay difficult forever. There is the slow and painful beginning of every new skill, the fear of failure and the sharp sting of failure experienced. In the moments of the biggest frustration and before giving up I say quietly to myself “This too will pass” and carry on. The hard first steps soon turn into habit and routine. And once small achievements start piling up, peer recognition warms your ears and a new sketchbook needs to be started because the first one is full the wish to give up is quickly forgotten and dismissed as silly.    

2.Nobody cares what you are doing

Everyone is deeply concerned with one thing. This takes up so much of our brain power that there is hardly any energy or space left to think about anything else. This being – ourselves.

If someone will act extremely extravagant or shocking we might grace them with a little bit of our short attention span or even admiration.  Once you have put in a couple of years of hard work the general public might notice and someone could even call you an overnight success.

So whatever your big step out of your comfort zone is, I can assure you that you are safely flying under the radar and have all the space to play and experiment.

3. Your decisions are not precious 

When picking a school to go, the next job to apply or the next city to move to we find ourselves doubting our decisions. This is often connected to the vast amount of choices and information available to us. Another hurdle is the story we are spinning in our heads. This dramatic tale which will unravel once our decision is made. 

But once considered rationally it becomes clear that most of our choices are not one-way doors.  A suitcase can be packed and unpacked as many times as we want, schools and jobs can be switched and a well-formulated apology will get you out of most commitments. 

For all, we know picking the wrong street could lead to definite death by a falling flower pot to the head. But the choice of route for our Sunday stroll doesn’t keep us awake. We just go the direction we feel like.

Holding some decision more precious than others costs time and energy we would be better off investing in learning how to make eggs benedict.  

So let’s follow the advice of a  popular sports brand and ‘Just do it’.

Maybe you were right from the start, this indeed was not very motivational. But I believe it is not motivation we are lacking, but permission and acceptance. Permission to do what we feel like and the acceptance that it will be ok.


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